Make your private data available to
service providers
remote workers
third parties

Parallax is our privacy focused query engine that lets you share and access sensitive data.

Parallax connects your data to what matters

Parallax is the missing piece of your big data infrastructure. It is the first solution that lets you configure and deploy end-to-end data privacy policies. No matter where your data is and whatever is consuming it.


Compliance simplified

Parallax automatically transforms queries made against your private data in real-time. It finds the best way to make the answer compliant and privacy-respecting. This lets you focus on extracting the value of your data, not on compliance.

Use all of it, everywhere

Parallax lets you construct real-time anonymized views of your data. This means you can safely share access to any of your private data within your own organization or with external service providers.

Privacy automation,
for developers too

[anon@nixos:~]$ docker pull

Privacy as Code

Parallax lets you write privacy policies using familiar code-based workflows that can be easily version-controlled and have complete reproducibility across environments.


With Parallax, you are always in control. And it will easily deploy on what you have - from single container setups to large scale Kubernetes clusters. On-premise or in the cloud.

Open Source

We believe software dealing with security and privacy should always be open-source. That's why we have released the code powering Parallax under the open-source license BSL1.1


Who We Are

We build solutions that power the privacy-first AI revolution.

team people

Christos Hadjiaslanis


Christos led software product development at a quant hedge fund and is an entrepreneur at heart. He started programming and selling video games at school. Christos values simplicity above all else.

team people

Damien Broka

Chief Scientist

Damien has prior experience as a Data Scientist. He also holds a PhD in Mathematics from Penn State University. He is crazy about personal online privacy and does not trust social media.

team people

Nodar Daneliya


In the past Nodar led trading at an ML-driven quant hedge fund, worked in private equity and at Google. With his love for setting up processes his strengths are people, strategy and operations.

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